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Pet Policies

Guests will be permitted to bring one dog under 75lbs. Any larger dogs or other kinds of pets require management approval.

All pets must be registered during the booking process.

A $50 nonrefundable pet fee will be applied.

We will have pet-friendly, and pet free guest rooms designated.

Pets are not permitted in the food and beverage or conference wings of the hotel.

We have pet waste stations located at the registration outside of the main hotel entrance lawn and outside the Garden’s restaurant entrance.

A waiver is required to be signed at check in. File is attached.

This Agreement applies to domesticated pets other than Service Animals.

In consideration for the Hotel permitting you to keep your pet in the room assigned to you. You will hereby agree to the following:

  1. My pet is a domesticated dog or cat that weighs no more than 75 lbs.
  2. No more than two pets are permitted in my guest room.
  3. I agree to pay a $50 plus occupancy tax non-refundable service fee for each pet per stay.  I understand that additional fees may apply in the event my pet causes any damage.
  4. I must keep my pet restrained on a leash or in a pet carrier when my pet is outside my guest room.
  5. I must notify the front desk and hang the “Pet Friendly Room” door hanger when I leave my pet unattended in the guest room.
  6. I must properly remove and dispose of any litter or waste associated with my pet on Hotel premises.
  7. I understand that pets are not permitted in Hotel restaurants or other Hotel food and beverage areas.
  8. I understand that if my pet is in the guest room, my pet must be caged and I must be present while my room is serviced by anyone (i.e., housekeeper, engineer, room service, etc.).
  9. I agree that I am responsible for the noise my pet creates and will ensure that my pet does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other hotel guests. I may be held financially liable for any refunds given to other guests as a result of my pets noise disruption.
  10. I agree that should the Hotel determine in its sole discretion that my pet is objectionable to other hotel guests, I must immediately make other arrangements to house the pet outside the Hotel.
  11. I release the Hotel, The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, its owners, parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates (the “Hotel Entities”) from any and all liability for any injury and/or damage suffered by my pet.
  12. I agree that I assume full responsibility for any injury or damage caused or alleged to be caused by my pet and incurred or alleged to be incurred by any guest, employee or invitee of the Hotel. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Hotel Entities from and against any and all alleged or actual losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court costs) suffered by the Hotel Entities or asserted by any other hotel guest, invitee employee or person arising out of or in connection with my pet’s stay at the Hotel.
  13. I understand and agree that the Hotel retains the right to exclude my pet if in the Hotel’s sole discretion my pet is considered dangerous by reason of size, disposition or is likely to frighten or harm other guests of the Hotel.
  14. I confirm that my pet has all the required up to date vaccinations and inoculations and does not have any communicable illnesses or diseases.
  15. I agree that at all times while on Hotel property I will ensure my pet complies with all relevant laws and regulations of Pennsylvania including any laws or regulations relating to the muzzling of my pet. I have read, understood, and agree to the above:

If you have any questions please contact the front desk

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